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Philip Glass playing 5 hr "Music in Twelve Parts" here in Philly!

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  • Philip Glass playing 5 hr "Music in Twelve Parts" here in Philly!

    Anyone here in Philly who would want to go?
    Check your city, he may be on tour.

    I was lucky enough to see the ensemble doing his warehouse concerts about 1969 -70. They were doing "Music with Changing Parts".
    EDIT - always read the small print...Philip Glass himself "WILL NOT" be performing!!! Now you tell me!
    Forget's not even the original ensemble then. The gall !

    Forgive me and watch this will blow your mind
    It's cued;

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    I never saw Philip Glass, but I did see Mannheim Steamroller in concert in 1984, My friend, who was tripping at the time, got freaked out and walked out in the middle of the show. He was the driver so I had to leave too. Too bad, really, because the music was good. For a while I owned Jackson Berkey's 'Sunken Cathedral' album. Pretty good as far as solo piano work, IMO.

    Great video, btw, thanks for posting it!