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  • Mike Monday Music Course for Free

    • Mike Monday is kind of Anthony Robbins of music industry and I received this email today and wanted to share with you:

      This program teaches you the Splurge methodology and helps you install a daily music making practice.

      And at this point I want to do everything in my power to help as many people as I can...

      So I'm offering a free $50 gift card to any DJ, producer or live musician out there... so they can go through the program at no cost.

      My goal is to help as many people practice social distancing (or self isolate if necessary) over the next few weeks...

      ...AND improve their music making practice by channeling their creative energies in a positive direction.

      A one-two punch.

      Help you keep sane by focusing on your music.
      AND help set you up for your future beyond this crisis.

      Because let’s face it - your music is your future

      If you're going to be stuck indoors, you may as well develop some rock solid creative habits and make as much great music as you possibly can - eh?

      So, I want to invite you to join the 11-Day Idea Explosion Challenge because it’s one of the best ways you can invest some of your time over the coming weeks...

      To focus your mind...
      And focus your spirit!

      Again, the bill is on me. No cost to you. It's the very least I can do right now!

      Go here to join:

      The 11-Day Idea Explosion Challenge

      When you check out, just use the coupon code:


      That will apply your $50 gift card so you can join the program for free.