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Outlets of the Sky - Episode #10: Louigi Verona

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  • Outlets of the Sky - Episode #10: Louigi Verona

    The podcast is back! This time our special guest on the show is Ambient Online's own Louigi Verona from Berlin. Louigi is a drone-based musician, software developer, writer, and educator. On today's show we take a deep dive into Louigi's world and he offers up a wealth of interesting information about his own approach to sound design, music in general, and has some good advice for anyone out there looking to break into the genre.
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    Space | Time | Matter

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    I have enjoyed Lougi Verona's music for some time in this forum.. I hope to hear more in the future!


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      Great interview! Thank you Louigi for your candid responses. This was very informative


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        Finally listened to this one today, and it really resonated with me as someone who actually uses a tracker to make drone music.

        Dramatic re-enactment of me listening:

        I think I first heard Louigi Verona's work via ye olde forums, and have been passively following since. After hearing him share his experiences and views that are eerily like my own, I'll be paying much closer attention!
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          remst8 Glad to know you enjoyed it! I am definitely going to check out the music on your website - curious to listen to tracker-based drone!


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            Cheers, Louigi Verona!

            To be honest, I rarely use typical tracker techniques for my drone stuff. I mostly take advantage of looping samples and LFOs, so it's more like the digital version of tape looping.
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              Super curious. Are you just starting looped samples or are you actually putting anything into patterns?

              Listened to some of your drones - excellent work!!!


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                I rarely use pattern effect commands for the drones. I use Renoise, which allows graphical automation of practically all the parameters, as well as LFOs. That's where the bulk of the "action" is in my tracks. I keep it to the basics in the patterns--note on/off (samples, loops, & VSTs), reverse note (sample-based instruments only), and sometimes for turning effects DSPs on/off. Oh! Renoise also has a "maybe" command, which allows you to seed a probability for whether or not a note will trigger, which I also use sometimes.

                I probably could use a non-tracker DAW, but I learned how to make music in that's what I'm comfortable with, and it's actually how I think about/interpret music. Piano rolls and horizontal interfaces are just plain weird to me. Heh! (I must admit that I also take some perverse joy in making music that sounds the opposite of what you would expect to hear from a tracker.)

                If you want to see some examples of just how basic I am, grab some .XRNS files from here: Or if there's a specific track you'd like to see, just let me know.
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                  I must admit that I also take some perverse joy in making music that sounds the opposite of what you would expect to hear from a tracker
                  Ahaha! I totally get that.

                  This is a track that I made with ModPlug Tracker. I bet nobody would have guessed:


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                    Nice! ModPlug Tracker was the last one I used before I got into Renoise.

                    Here is a (non-drone) track I made for an Ambient Online "One Sample Dare" a few years ago, that is more obviously from a tracker:
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                      This was the first podcast that I have had the time to sit and listen. Thank you for this! Now I need to go back to the other podcasts! Such great advice in many areas!