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Florian Schneider RIP

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  • Florian Schneider RIP

    Just seen the announcement on the BBC website.

    Sad news indeed.
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    I think I first heard AutoBahn (the single) in 1975. It must have made an impression on me. Later that year I heard Rubycon/Ricochet/Phaedra. I was hooked
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      Good grief, this is bad news. 73 is too soon.
      I remember when Autobaun was getting mainstream airplay within a year of the release of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells. Those two records, borrowing from the new minimalists' scene of Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Philip Glass, bringing short repeating patterns to the ears of the commercial radio station listener.

      Although I owned both 'Ralf und Florian' and 'Autobahn' and later 'Radio Activity', it was the albums 'Man Machine' and 'Computer World' that would really cause me to become a Kraftwerk fanatic!
      Florian with Kraftwerk, were the epitomy of the electro-minimalists...I can't name anyone in their class. But the 80`s new wave electronic scene may not have happened if not for those two Kraftwerk albums.
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        some sad news for sure ..... i still want the First three albums to be given the remix treatment as promised :-)


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          Nooooo, [email protected]$%$# !! what a sad new , this 2020 year sucks at levels that are hard to believe..


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            Radio-Aktivit├Ąt and Trans Europa Express are still some of my favorite records. I like the lyrics - very simple, but somehow timeless.

            And yes, Tubular Bells, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream... That time (I was an born in 1960) was exciting! Long, repetitive instrumental pieces... Totally new to me. Was even better with some support..

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