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Masterclass-Workshop Ambient Music (Cyclical Dreams)

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  • Masterclass-Workshop Ambient Music (Cyclical Dreams)

    Dear friends! We invite you to participate in a Masterclass of Ambient Music. 2 Session Workshop. Info/Reserve: [email protected]

    July 31st and August 7th, 2021 - Time: 12 (GTM-3) -- UK (16:00 hs) NY (11:00 hs) Germany (17:00 hs)
    Platform: ZOOM

    We`ll also provide a certificate of participation.

    Cost: $50



    Different points are discussed in the workshop, ranging from aesthetic, technical, historical, strategic, and controversial. The idea is not to transmit isolated data but to create a space for the interconnection of ideas and deep reflection on an art form.

    Part I

    1) Characteristics of the genre, references, history and analysis of aesthetically sources. A guide to understand the whole picture.

    2) Designing sounds typical of the genre: in subtractive synthesis, FM, wavetable and sampled waves. How to use modulation and sound gesture in Ambient

    3) use of MIDI looping and audio Looping from Ableton Live DAW, signal processing, creation of ambiences and layering sounds.

    4) composition in ambient music: the use of time, gestures, scales, noises, what to avoid and what to consider, learn to play in a different way to obtain other aesthetic results.

    5) Strategies of planned composition, random devices and improvisation.

    6) Ambient music as a way of change our musical vision.

    7) Homework: we will made a collaborative piece, so, we are going to work creating material for this by a specific set of instructions and creative tips.

    Part II

    1) A different way of mixing

    2) composing sound articulation using given sound material (the collaborative production in this case)

    3) Organizing a mixing session

    4) Master in Ambient Music

    5) Publication of the final Work on the web

    About Ulises Labaronnie

    Composer, performer, producer, visual artist and educator
    Since 1995 working on Ambient Music among other generes.
    Since 2003 teaching music, synthesis, production techniques and coaching artists.

    He is also educator-instructor for EMBA (Buenos Aires School of Music, Reset_ Academy and Producciones de Música Electronica (PDME) website.
    He made music for movies, theater, TV, video games, science activities and installations.

    He leads Sophos, a Space Electronic Music project where combines electronic music with experimental and classical composition.

    Also working on collaborative projects like triØN (with synthmaster Ernesto Romeo an violinist Sami Abadi), Absolute Zero (with sax player and electronic artist Sebastian Heynig), Eridanus (with Cartas de Japon band) and sporadic collaborative works with Norwegian artist like Arne Hiorth & Øystein Jørgensen, German based producer Klaas von Karlos, to mention some.
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