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An evening of music with Naviar Virtual, 30th July on YouTube

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  • An evening of music with Naviar Virtual, 30th July on YouTube

    Hi everybody!

    Very excited to join this music community, given that many users here share their music made in response to our weekly Haiku Challenges.

    Tomorrow night, please do join us for an evening of music with Darren aka halF unusuaL. Before the live set, you’ll have the chance to listen to an interview we recorded a few days ago, where we discuss creativity, daily habits and what inspires his music. The interview and the performance will be premiering on Youtube tomorrow, at 9 PM CET / 8 PM UK time.

    Hope to see you there!


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    Welcome, Marco

    I have made a note in my diary and hope to join you for the stream tomorrow


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      Damn, I wish I could be there tommorow but I can't.
      Obligatory let us know about next time too


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        Hey! Nice to see you here!


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          Weird that I just got back from running errands and happened upon this- about 60 seconds before it was set to premiere!

          EDIT: As Eric Idle said on Monty Python’s Flying Circus: “If half a bee is half I see, must ipso facto half not be!”

          EDIT 2: As far as that goes, it’s not possible to know everything there is to know about everything- especially music. I get surprised all the time by pieces by unknown artists whose tracks are particularly unique in their approach- which is why I love experimental music so much. Because there are rules, but they can be completely ignored in a lot of cases, and still have a great impact.

          EDIT 3: I went back to a mostly hardware based recording setup, because it was getting to be too much to have to do everything using a DAW. Now I mostly use laptop for live instrument VST capture, and PC for post-processing. Much less of a hassle this way for me.

          EDIT 4: I like to think of the process of improvisation in the way that Ravi Shankar put it- you let the music play you, instead of you playing the music. It’s almost like channeling, in a way.

          As to the live set: the dissonant string thing took me totally by surprise, coming from the almost EDM intro- absolutely fantastic! Loved it!

          After listening to this- I’m convinced that some of the things I’ve created would fit into the Naviar Haiku universe. After I submit my tracks to the Ambient Compilation #13, I’ll work on some things for this.

          As for this highlighted artist- Darren is absolutely brilliant! His approach and attitude toward music remind me of my own. Absolutely anything can be music, if you take away the filter of pre-judgment.
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            Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!

            For anyone who missed our live event on Friday, here's the link of Naviar Virtual, including the interview done with halF unusuaL.