Hello listeners!


Listen today on The Church of Noisy Goat to the merciless premiere of Necroviolence aka Zach Einsamertod based in Litchfield, Minnesota, USA. The acclaimed and extremely stylish vocalist and keyboardist of the Psychedelic Power Electronics duo, Nudoria, has just released in our store exclusively for our dear listeners his newest album as Necroviolence, an essentially electronic solo project with a modular synthesizer furiously at the top of the volume..

Six beautiful and deliriously angry tracks where LFO's and envelopes are radically abused with patch cables by the celebrated young scientist of nervous noise and consequently they respond in a hostile way generating dissonantly sequenced waves with extreme violence. A masterpiece of noise with patch cables and switches that is ready to integrate your collection, so please don't hesitate to support this talented guy who today joins our staff of artists with a truly triumphant and scathing arrival.