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  • A Few Changes

    Hi All,

    Again, I apologize for not being around much as I'm setting up several business. :(

    Because of this, the fact that I don't have much time for music or running a forum, and that S1gnsOfL1fe, along with our wonderful moderating staff, has been running this forum for months now, I've decided to bow out of Ambient Online, or at least as it's owner and operator.

    I'm selling the site, software, and rights to Ambient Online to S1gnsOfL1fe. He has more than proven that he has the capable hands to run and grow this site to all of its potential. It will continue to be the site to visit for Ambient Music in all of its forms. He's told me that not much will change except for the obvious.

    If you've noticed, we also have a new style for AO! When I upgraded the forum software to the latest security release it broke some things with our old style. It's still usable, and is still a choice for people to browse the site with, but for the life of me I can't figure out why it's broken. S1gns was considering changing the look of AO, anyway, but this moved up our decision to change.

    Feel free to browse with any of the available styles, but the new, ZoneOne Blue style is now the default.

    I appreciate what all of you have put into making AO the site that it is today. You've been more than patient with me, personally.

    It's time to hand over the reigns to someone who has the heart and the time to put into running this site.

    I will continue to browse here and post when I can. I'll also stay on in any capacity that S1gns needs me to, for as long as he needs me to, for software upgrades and assistance learning vBulletin, our site's forum software.

    Thank you, all.

    Please welcome S1gnsOfL1fe as the new owner and loving parent of

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    I'm sorry to hear that you must move on. Thank you for all your effort in getting this forum started and growing it. Best wishes for your new endeavors!!
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      Thanks for all you have done, Dax.

      I look forward to our continued success.


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        Let me start out by saying how honored I am to be taking the role as captain of this ship. When Dax IX and I first started this little endeavor almost a year ago (I was member #2, she was #1) our only desire was to see this place thrive and continue to grow. As of today, we have definitely achieved that goal. As you will all agree, ambient online is the most welcoming, most interactive, and overall the best community for ambient music and discussion anywhere else on the web. We've all helped to create a forum that fulfills that initial vision and in many ways, surpassed our original goals. I have nothing but positive hope for this community which is why I chose to take this role to maintain our continued growth and success for many years into the future.

        Secondly, I would like to personally thank Dax for all of her hard work, dedication, vision, and passion she's shown us since our inception. I couldn't have imagined a better partner to work with on a site like this and I'm extremely grateful for everything that she's done. I also know that this isn't the last we've seen of Dax IX either as she's got quite a few tricks up here sleeve (ambient death metal anyone?) and will be hanging around this forum in the future more than she has advertised. After all, this is still her baby. In spirit, it always will be. Thank you Dax IX!

        Finally, I want to ensure all of you that I intend on keeping ambient online the way it always was and always will be. I have no intention on making any major adjustments to the way things are here (besides the obvious "new look" we've created...doesn't it look GREAT though?) and will continue to endlessly improve the quality of the site as much as I possibly can. I've gained so much from being a part of ambient online in the past year it's hard me to start counting the ways it's changed my life. If I had to boil it down to one meaningful fact however, I'd have to say that the greatest gift of all has been the friendship I've gained from all of you. Our users are the core of our site. Without them, AO is nothing. Let us continue to stay active and continue to encourage and support each other and if we do, this site won't be going anywhere for a very long time.

        Cheers to all of you!
        S1gns Of L1fe
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          Congratulations, Chris, and thanks to Dax Ix for her vision, enthusiasm and effort during the last year, which has established the site as a major ambient presence on the internet.
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            Thank you, Dax IX, for making AO The Home of Ambient.

            And I am sure that with S1gns as new captain, mission will continue
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              Thanx Dax for all your efforts, best wishes for your future endeavours.

              Best of luck to Cap'n S1gns, you have a good ship here, I'm sure she's in safe hands.
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                Thank you Dax for creating this site, I can safely say that discovering this community re-ignited my love for ambient music. And congratulations S1gns, I know that our little online home is in safe hands. Loving the new look by the way.

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                  Originally posted by MetaDronos View Post
                  Thank you, Dax IX, for making AO The Home of Ambient.

                  And I am sure that with S1gns as new captain, mission will continue
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                    @Dax IX: Good luck to you with your businesses and projects, and in all your future endeavours.

                    @S1gns: Congrats on the promotion.

                    And I like the new look of the place.
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                      @ Dax IX: Thanks for creating this wonderful ambient hangout. No matter what happens, you will always be remembered and honoured as the creator of AmbientOnline. I hope we don't lose you on this forum, though. Good luck with all your future plans! Keep us informed.

                      @ Signs: This is meant to be; you are one of the hardest working ambient artist I know. You deserve to run this forum, with your knowledge and help. Good luck!



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                        Thanks to both of you & I'm excited so see where we go from here


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                          Thanks you Dax for getting this community started. I'm sorry to hear you're stepping down, but glad to hear it will now be run by S1gns. Good luck on your business ventures. I hope all works out for you.


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                            I want to add my congrats to S1gns. I'm confident we are in good hands with you at the helm Chris!

                            P.S.-I just switched to the new ZoneOne Blue Fluid style. It's a good look!!

                            And thanks again to Dax IV for getting the ball rolling!
                            Only dead fish go with the flow.


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                              @ Dax: It's sad to read of your stepping down, Dax..but it's a sign of real integrity that you did, as making such a decision couldn't have been an easy one to make..yet, true to form, you put the future of the community first. For that I salute you. my friend..and thank you sincerely for creating this place to begin with. Best wishes for your future plans and businesses..I hope they all end up being more successful than you could ever have imagined..and I won't say "goodbye" it doesn't apply in this will "always" be forever an intrinsic part of this forum..even if you aren't around as much as you used to be in the past.

                              Take care and God bless.

                              @ S1gns: Congratulations, Chris, on taking over the AO reigns..Dax couldn't have left everything in better hands. I know we are going to be around for a very long time to come with your talents and vision to guide us.