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20th Anniversary of my first solo release - FREE DOWNLOAD

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  • 20th Anniversary of my first solo release - FREE DOWNLOAD

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    While "Chronotope Project" is my most recent incarnation as a composer, it is by no means by first foray into ambient territory. I was producing works in this genre back in the early 90s. (Yeah, that's me in 1993, with more hair and less sense!)
    "Medicine Wheel" was originally released in 1993 as part of my first solo album, "Vanish into Blue," an eclectic album of original compositions that included elements of new acoustic, jazz, world music and electronica. It also marked the beginning of my ambient music career. This nine minute hypnotic journey was featured on "Hearts of Space" in 1993 and 1994. I am still very close to this music, and I offer it to the community as a gift and an appreciation. Cheers!
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    Being on Hearts of Space (back then and recently too!)...nice. :D

    Thank you for sharing to enjoy this gift!
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      Thanks for sharing the music. I am not familiar with your music and appreciate the introduction!