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Within Reason Substrate: Collected Elements Release (Ambient/Dub)

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  • Within Reason Substrate: Collected Elements Release (Ambient/Dub)

    Within Reason Substrate small.jpg

    A body of collected Within Reason tracks created prior to Subtle Shift and in-between Transient Broadcasts. Also included is the rare and never released Group Think - Within Reason (Within a Dub Mix) of the track "Does it Dream" from the Group Think release "Of Microcosmic Origins".
    Malibar Bay is one of the first proto-type Within Reason tracks and is a more uplifting down-tempo electronica track which is itself reveals the varietal nature of the Within Reason project.

    There will only be a limited micro run of 25 cd's credits

    released 30 September 2013
    All musical conceptualization, manipulator & programming Within Reason(aka Gregory Kyryluk) excluding Does it Dream which was composed by Group Think.

    Cds & Digital Downloads (Mp3/WAV/Flac) available at Bandcamp

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    I just played Aura. Very nice sounds and great rhythmic base. A little like a more modern take on the music of Klaus Schulze.

    Good work
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      Nice observation. Theres actually all types of influences but KS is definitely one of them!