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Call for Submissions: Amalgam Project

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  • Call for Submissions: Amalgam Project

    Call for Submissions

    Amalgam: A multi-layered amalgamation of sound.

    The idea for Amalgam was inspired by the accidental act oflistening to two streaming broadcasts of ambient music at the same time. The two broadcast streams worked quite welltogether and gave a hint at what is possible when combining two or more unrelatedmusical sources.

    Amalgam will be a long-form ambient/experimental recordingcomprised of multiple tracks of sound, each contributed by a differentartist. Tracks will be layered so thattwo or more tracks will be audible at any point during the mix.

    Please read the guidelines carefully:

    • Each tracksubmitted will become an element of the collective mix, and will not bepresented as an individual track.
    • The way your tracksounds on the finished recording will depend on the other track(s) it is mixedwith. If this bothers you, please don'tsubmit.
    • Tracks can be ofany length, tracks in excess of 20 minutes may not be used in their entirety,or may have their volume dialed down for part of the mix.
    • The ideal trackshould be minimal and sparse, with enough room to allow its mixture withanother artist’s track.
    • Tracks do not haveto be new work, and may be previously released, or may be used in your futurereleases.
    • Tracks submittedmay be titled or untitled.
    • In the liner notes,each artist’s track will be credited with its beginning and ending time withinthe mix.
    • Amalgam will bereleased for free download through an existing netlabel or at
    • Style of sounds:Almost anything will be accepted, but we’re aiming at the ambient,experimental, drone, noise and field recordings end of the musicalspectrum.(But, don't let this hold you back--we're pretty flexible)
    • You must own therights to any track you submit, and by submitting you agree to allow your trackto become part of a long-form piece to be released under a Creative Commonslicense.
    • By submitting yourtrack, you agree to allow your music/sounds to be mixed with other music/soundsin whatever way benefits the comprehensive mix.

    All tracks should be sent to us through a file-sharing service such as or Dropbox.comusing the address [email protected] for notification.
    Do not send filesby email.
    Deadline forsubmissions is November 30, 2013.

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    Sounds like fun... lemme see if I have something that'd fit