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Here we go! Back again with another entry in the Ambient Online Compilation series. These compilations are very special and have reached so many people. It's great to see to some new faces participating in them as well! Excited to hear what you guys come up with this time around. Ready? Let's do this! SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS:
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New Release: Atomic Shadow : City of Chrome and Glass on R=C recordings

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  • New Release: Atomic Shadow : City of Chrome and Glass on R=C recordings

    City Of Chrome And Glass


    City Of Chrome And Glass


    R=C records is proud to be announcing the release of Atomic Shadow's City of Chrome and Glass. As our first release in partnership with Atomic Shadow, we couldn't be happier!

    I think Rod does the best job of telling you what City of Chrome and Glass is all about, so here is a quote from him:

    I am happy to announce that the new album is finally available. City Of Chrome And Glass has been almost 16 months in the making and it is the most adventurous Atomic Shadow album ever.

    There was a decision made early on to explore longer compositions so this album is four tracks that span about 45 minutes.
    The sound design on this album used a wide variety of sources. The sine wave generators and other dusty old lab gear are represented along with the growing modular system, processed field recordings, and even a few iPad apps.

    Yesterday's world of tomorrow is the theme of this collection. In the middle of the last century, where did we think we would be in 2013? I dreamed of cities of chrome and glass, flying cars, and vacations on the Moon. The title track is an imaginary trip to that world of tomorrow. Track #2, We Sleep On Magnets, is a journey to the inner mind. Track #3, Killing The World Of Tomorrow, looks at the JFK assassination and When Robots Started Dreaming looks at the place where technology and imagination come together. My desire is to capture the spirit of another time and channel it in to a better world of tomorrow.
    You can find out more about City of Chrome and Glass or get a copy on BandCamp now (

    About the Label:

    R=C (prounounced Are Equals Sea) is a new label focusing on artist that fall through the cracks at most label. Our focus is on the quality of the releases and not the number or releases we put out in a year. We are a community of artists working together for the better of all. Currently, we are working with a few artists for releases over the next year along with plans to release a compilation. More to come, so follow us on twitter (@requalsc) and facebook (

    Thank you for your time!
    Tony Scharf
    aka NoiseTheorem/R=C