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The latest Alpha Wave Movement release moves forward into the deeper voids of space, time and audio permutations. Drawing once more from the genre's of classic space music, ambient music and new age music of revelatory past.

Guest musician Mark Steiner performs on the Steiner EVI (electronic valve instrument) adding extended electro harmonic voice to the audio narratives of the Celestial Chronicles.

Travel across space within the womb of warm synthetic sound and rhythmic symmetry. Twilight horizons on distant shores echo signals of ancient light pulses emitting streaming knowledge of forgotten star tribes. AMbient music drawn from the well of influences past, filtered thru the present time continuum and refracted into the ether of the cosmos.

Release date February 7, 2014, Pre-orders are being taken and cd might ship prior to the release date.

Available on CD + Digital Download at the HRR Bandcamp Page

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