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Alchemistry Metallurgy update 2.0 released on patchpool

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  • Alchemistry Metallurgy update 2.0 released on patchpool

    I just updated my sound library Alchemistry Metallurgy to version 2.0:

    Alchemistry Metallurgy for Alchemy is the first library in a series focussing on specific materials and single instruments. First released in late 2011, I updated this library in February 2014 adding 1.25 GB of samples, mainly from my library Scattered Entity Vol. 1 for MachFive plus 300 MB of new bell samples.

    This library now contains 84 patches with 8 variations each in the Remix Pad and focusses on metallic sounds derived from real instruments, metal objects and industrial field recordings. This patch collection keeps the balance between real sounding metal instruments, otherworldly textures and wondrous soundscapes using also some processed electronic derivates of the sampled materials.

    All sounds are sample-based, some patches use the resynthesis features in Alchemy. You will find many patches and snapshots which sound wam, delicate and beautiful, characteristics one may not normally associate with metallic sounds.

    Alchemistry Metallurgy Specs:

    • 3.07 GB of original samples

      *China Cymbal bowed, scraped and beaten - multisampled and Round Robin

      *Glockenspiel multisampled 23 semitones (C4-A#5), 4x RR, 2 velocity layers (179 samples / 386,7 MB)

      *Vibraphone multisampled, bowed and beaten

      *2 microtonal handheld bell trees 8x Round Robin, 2 articulations, +textures

      *8 Thai Gongs multisampled with up to 8x Round Robin and 4 velocity layers, +texural samples

      *Thai Ching Bells - 6x Round Robin, 3 velocity layers

      *Tam Tam 45 cm - beaten (7xRound Robin/4 velocities), scraped and rubbed with Rubberballs

      *Three multisampled singing bowls, 3 velocity layers, 3x round robin and sustained sounds made by rubbing the bowl with the beater

      *Tubular Windchimes, up to 70 cm in length

      *Various multisampled and textural bells, ship bell, tibetan bells, brass bell, up to 3 velocity layers with 5x round robin

      *Bar Chimes

      *Waterphone gongs, hitting the bottom of a waterphone with a soft gong beater, 3 velocity layers, 5x round robin

    • *Various multisampled metal objects: caviar cans, metal bowl, coins, dumbbell plate, small thunder sheet, metal plate (dinner tray), anvil, oil barrel

      *Industrial metal sounds recorded in factories

    All samples were recorded with 3 Neumann microphones in
    L-C-R - 48 Khz/24 Bit - U87 center mic - a stereo set of KM 184 for L-R

    The industrial field recordings were done with 2 shotgun mics
    Sennheiser MK 70

    You can view/download the PDF for Metallurgy with more details, the licence agreement, some pics and the patch list including playing tips and descriptions for each patch here.

    Delivery: Download
    Library size in total: 3.09 GB
    Download size (RAR archive in 3 parts): 1.93 GB

    NOTE: This Sound Bank requires the full version of Alchemy.
    It does not work with the Alchemy player version.

    Price version 2.0: 46 €

    All owners of a license to version 1.1 can upgrade for € 18 EUR on this page.

    All owners of a license to version 1.1 who also own a license to Scattered Entity Vol. 1 can upgrade for € 9 EUR on this page.

    All demos were produced entirely with Alchemy using only patches from Metallurgy, no post-processing was applied apart from a Limiter on the Outputs. Only one demo uses VRoom for reverbration as stated in the title of the demo.

    Some videos made with patches from the updated content:

    Product page

    Thank's for reading

    Simon Stockhausen
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    And we have a trailer for this library, video artist: Jim Gawne, I did the soundtrack today only using Metallurgy sounds (of course), about 20+ instances of Alchemy were used:



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      I bought this the moment it came out. These kinds of sound sources are hard to come by. Thanks for making - and updating! - Metallurgy! :thumbsup:
      Home Page:
      Authors Den:


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        Originally posted by Synthetic Aurality View Post
        I bought this the moment it came out. These kinds of sound sources are hard to come by. Thanks for making - and updating! - Metallurgy! :thumbsup:
        Thank's for the feedback!