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New release from Free Floating Music: FFM-027 - "Four Patterns" by Simon Slator

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  • New release from Free Floating Music: FFM-027 - "Four Patterns" by Simon Slator

    Thought I'd share this news from Free Floating Music with you all. Okay, technically I'm plugging my own release (for shame), but the label itself does have a number of outstanding Creative Commons releases, including some from Lucette Bourdin, Altus, Bing Satellites and Scott Lawlor.

    I've lifted the quote below from the blog on their website:

    in hindsight…

    This year (2014), I have decided to focus Free Floating on re-releases of ambient albums that are already available but which I believe deserve a wider audience. And I am calling this project, “In Hindsight…”.

    The first two releases of this year are already part of this project, the expanded version of Strange Skies by M.Persson:Sounds and the Lucette Bourdin Brushstrokes Echo compilation. The timing of both of these releases is partly what inspired me to make this a year-long project. Both of those releases contains some of my favorite ambient music of all time and I feel extremely proud to have them represented on Free Floating.

    I have several other re-releases in the works and some ideas that I hope to pursue. But the focus for this year is looking back to music of the past and hearing it again with a fresh perspective, hopefully gaining a new appreciation for the music that is already in our midst.

    four patterns

    In that vein, the next release will be a newly remastered version of Simon Slator’s “Four Patterns”.

    I originally discovered Simon’s music via Jamendo and several of his releases (Skylight, 6am, and Four Patterns) became fixtures of my ambient library. After several years away from music to focus on family (I know how that is…), he’s back to making music. Several old releases are available on his Bandcamp page, and he’ll be releasing a new album next week (March 10, 2014). But, luckily for me, I talked him into re-releasing Four Patterns through Free Floating.

    And so we look back and listen deeper…in hindsight.