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Call for Submissions: Terminal Radio

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  • Call for Submissions: Terminal Radio

    Hi all.

    Since coming to the board I've been browsing material from alot of you here, and really enjoying what I'm hearing..

    Along with composing, I also run a monthly radio show called Terminal Radio. Its set up abit differently than other shows. Each month either I or someone else asks 8 different artists to provide a 15 minute mix of music, then either I or someone mixes those together with added sounds and scapes to produce a 2 hour hypertrip. So far the show has been going well for over a year and is currently past 14 volumes, over a day's worth of music. Its also posted to Soundcloud and Mixcloud, as well as on, a internet radio station which also hosts shows from the likes of Alex Paterson of The Orb, DF Tram, Lady Eve, The Dub Bunnies and many more.

    After this upcoming volume (which will be a Psychedelia special) I would like to have a show dedicated to a community or net label, so I was wondering if you guys would be up for a Ambient Online Special show?

    The series has started off as a FSOL (Future Sound Of London) tribute series, but is slowly moving away from that to take in alot of other influences and become its own thing. So the music doesn't have to be dark, though since FSOL themselves are/were very well-known in the ambient genre (if you look past Papua New Guinea..) Ambient Online would be an excellent fit!

    What I need: a 15 - 20 minute mix, it would be interesting to hear all your influences and favorite tracks mixed in with your own material, past, present or unreleased/about to be released. I would like these to be proper mixes, no fade ins and outs as they would ruin the flow of the whole thing.

    If you guys can title your mixes that would be swell, and make the volume look interesting before people go to hear it, like chapters in a book.

    Each mix needs to be sent as a wav., with a tracklisting and links to your main music page/s as all this will go up as well.

    I'll need 7 mixes to complete the volume, as one of our regulars will also be doing a mix as well (Akkya). Though anymore mixes can go into the next volume the following month, as these keep the series going and are built on mixes from others.

    I shall collect these up and listen to them and work out the order depending on what I feel makes a good flow for the listener, glue these together (you'll hear what I mean) and post this to Soundcloud/Mixcloud etc. It will also be playing on Fnoob, most time's its first. If you guys know another good place this can play then post it and I'll have a look.

    Deadline for mixes: April the 25th.

    I let people have a month, though if I end up getting all the mixes earlier then the show can be up quicker, up to you guys, but the deadline will stay at April 25.

    Here's the latest show, TR15 up soon, then it will be you guys:

    Plus the rest of the series:


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    Hi thanks. I got the PM but I have no idea how to mix music together.