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Padsheaven 3 for Zebra by Joseph Hollo

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  • Padsheaven 3 for Zebra by Joseph Hollo

    Padsheaven 3 the third volume of the successful Padsheaven series by Joseph Hollo.

    A huge, detailed, finely crafted selection of alive, lyrical, dramatic pads, drones, wide-screen atmospheres.
    Furthermore you'll get 32 inspiring arpeggios/rhythmic presets.

    150 unique patches!

    You will get countless different colors, because many of them have even 4 different individualities inside due to the meticulously programmed controllers and Zebras XY pads.

    More demos:

    Perfect for any styles from classical pop/rock to movie scores, cinematic underscoring and even modern electronica.

    The soundset and a free demo pack of sounds available at:

    I'v sent out a newsletter for all my customers with a discount code.
    If you are a customer of padsheaven and missed the newsletter please drop a mail to: contact us

    Your comments are always welcome!

    Soundsets for Zebra, Spire, Serum & Massive

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    Watching the demo video now...sound great Joseph! Definitely keeping the spirit of Zebra alive.

    Great work and congrats on the new release!

    Synphaera Records
    Space | Time | Matter


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      Thank you S1gns!

      Zebra still having a big impact on me, if i wan't something new to try, Zebra's flexibility just deliver. Lovely.

      I know it's almost too late to say: but there is still a big chance to win the Padsheaven3 soundset,if anyone of you interest.

      i am copying the thread from kvr:

      Hi for all friends!

      If any 3 of you would like to win the new Padsheaven3 soundset, there is a chance
      to write a considerable useful demotrack.

      Deadline: 25. Juli. 2014. Berliner time 24h. - Because it's Zebra
      Please send the demos to:
      [email protected]

      Use only the supported presets. (there is a drum patch, some arps, some pads, and some leads too)

      It will be not so democratic - i will be the judge.
      I will put all the demos to a soundcloud page to listen.

      In the link you'll find:
      a free bank,
      a Cubase cpr,
      a Midi file,
      and an audio (mp3) - with some raw ideas how it's possible to use the presets. ...

      Now it's also downloadable from the website:

      download 13 free presets

      -Still 3 days left, and about the "democratic" judging - i was learned from the contest we made last year:
      I better get a little more artistic control about the winners!

      I really hope to see some of you guys there.!

      Soundsets for Zebra, Spire, Serum & Massive


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        Wow... stunning!