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Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 3 - Out Now on Bandcamp!

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  • Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 3 - Out Now on Bandcamp!

    The Ambient Online Compilation: Volume 3 has been released today! With 59 tracks and almost nine hours of music, this is the biggest compilation album we've ever done.

    A special thanks to all the artists who contributed to this release. Also thanks to Windspace for his efforts with the included pdf and Imi Fal for his beautiful artwork on the cover.

    What are you waiting for? All this for only $8.99!

    Please spread the word by using this link below and letting everyone know about the new album!

    S1gns Of L1fe
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    thank you S1gns for putting this together , im honoured to be on an album with such tallented people and good job to Windspace and Imi Fal also . i've got so much new music to listen to now ;)


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      Just started working my way through this massive collection last night and I can only repeat what's already been said: S1gns - thanks for putting this together, you've made a fine job of mastering and sequencing (particularly the choice of opening track - what a great statement of intent: "yes, this is modern ambient - we has beatz - deal with it" :D); Windspace - that's a very handsome booklet you've put together; Imi - fantastic cover image. The whole package is a beautiful work of art and I'm tremendously proud to be a part of it :highfive:
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        I've only managed to listen to the first 6 tracks until now. I intend to address this later tonight and tomorrow. What I have heard so far certainly stands comparison with any label-released music I've heard this year. Great work by the musicians, by S1gns, Windspace and Imi Fal. It's the real deal :thumbsup:
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          I'm still listening to this mammoth of compilations - unfortunetaly tracks are so good that I make many repeats,
          so it will take some time until I finish
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            I'm now just over 1/3 through this. There are so many styles and sounds. The track sequencing is great. Each track brings something new to the party. I hope to play the whole album by Sunday.
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              So much ambient music. So many different types!

              Great job on bringing this together, everyone! We should all give ourselves a pat on the back, as well as thank Mr. S1gns for putting it together. :rockon:


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                So this album got a HUGE shout-out on KXLU in Los Angeles tonight. Amazing!
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