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New release with Mister Vapor and Eugene-Kha - Three Moons

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  • New release with Mister Vapor and Eugene-Kha - Three Moons

    Hello.I have a new release on the Treetrunk label, a threeway collaboration with Mister Vapor and Eugene-Kha which is available for download.It was an honor working with these two great prolific artists in the creation of what I hope will be an imaginative journey for you through some of the most mystical and pariless portions of our solar system. Here are the notes on the album. Mister Vapor posted a nice, plum drone in late summer of 2014 called "Jupiter". Scott Lawlor picked that sound up and created 3 pieces, each based on a moon of Jupiter. Scott and Vapor asked Eugene-kha to add some elements to the compositions, and Mister Vapor joined in to add a final layer or three, artwork and mastering. This release is a collaboration in the truest sense-- it exemplifies the kind of cooperation made possible by internet communication.Imagine yourself taking a trip around the Solar System's largest planet, surveying the topography of each of three of its amazing moons.
    Thanks for listening.
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