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ambient online volume 3 on tonight's Blind Flight

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  • ambient online volume 3 on tonight's Blind Flight


    On tonight's program, I am featuring tracks from the ambient online volume 3 compilation, available from, an album of almost 9 hours of ambient music from the members of the ambient online forum at

    I'll be playing tracks by Ascendant, MetaDronos, ontol, Eye of Theta, Meho, SiJ, The Great Schizm, remst8, Ajna, Dream Error and rylo3.

    I hope you'll tune in to what promises to be a good preview of what to expect from the talented musicians from this forum. The program begins at 11 PM central time on

    Thanks for listening.

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    Most excellent!

    Thank you for this generous gift to the community. I'm sure everyone involved will tune in!

    Cheers to you and thanks again,
    S1gns Of L1fe
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      Cool, thanks for including my track in the line-up. Though I probably will not be able to tune in due to time zone differences...
      Unless I specially wake up early enough that is...


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        oh wow, thanks :blush:

        I set a reminder.

        Really don't know what to say, except thank you, and that it's definitely an honor to be included among those named :D
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          Thank you, Scott!

          I'm away on vacation, so if I can't tune in tonight, I'll definitely download & listen to the podcast when I return home.
          remst8 -


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            Thank you both for featuring the compilation, and including me in the show!