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Xenomorph presents Me Get Up Again

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  • Xenomorph presents Me Get Up Again

    Literally translated from French, the track title means "Placed into Abyss." Mise en abyme is also another name for the Droste effect, otherwise known as recursive imagery. The most simple example of this paradox is the placement of two mirrors facing each other. The image then captured by either mirror appears to repeat, on a gradually smaller scale, ad infinitum. Much like music, this effect is almost entirely a product of human intellect. Although fractal geometry is a natural phenomenon, without interpretation of the sentient mind, there would be no appreciation of the artistic nature of the pattern.

    released 11 November 2014

    Me Get Up Again is the solo artist name of Jacob Michael Peter Welch. Born in 1988, Jacob has been experimenting in both digital and analog sound engineering since his early teenage years. Although his academic pursuits always lie in other fields, ambient music and soundscape creation have always been his favorite and most passionate hobbies.

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