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a special Christmas Blind Flight, the day after

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  • a special Christmas Blind Flight, the day after


    I hope all of you had a merry christmas and in the spirit of the season, even though it's a day later, I am going to broadcast my annual Christmas show with one difference. I won't be doing any voiceovers so that'll be a bit unusual. The added benefit to not hearing my silly voice is that you'll have more music, though there will be Christmas messages from some of the artists on the program which is a nice touch.

    I'll be playing music by artists such as Kevin Lyons, Cousin Silas, Bing Satellites, Peter DiPhillips, Shane Morris, Magnetic Wind, Jack Hertz, Mystified, C.paradisi, Tim Kays, Lucette Bourdin, Altus, Stephen Briggs, Ambienteer, Phillip Wilkerson, Ian Haygreen, The Ambient Visitor, Archive, Last Nights of Paris, Bunk Data and your host.

    Please join me for a festive blind flight and the final show for 2014 tonight, starting at 9 PM central time on

    Thanks for listening.