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2014, the final review on tonight's Blind Flight

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  • 2014, the final review on tonight's Blind Flight


    On this, the final program of the review of 2014 in ambient music, I will be playing tracks from a number of various artists compilations that were released last year.

    I'll be playing tracks by Ascendant, Kinematik VKE, Rune Martinsen, Ron Shayler, Peter Davidson, Peter DiPhillips, Fabio Keiner, Cloudwalk, Meho, Playman54, Ian Craig, Darage Bang, Breaking Light, Ambientsketchbook, Silent Frill, Tuonela, Their Teeth To Points, remst8, rylo3, Ivan Black, Thought Experiment and ontol.

    Please join me at 9 PM central time on for three hours of tunes from the recent past. Thanks for listening.

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    Thank you for including me in that lineup!

    Working nights stinks--I hate I missed the show. I have to miss Har's too. I can always go back and listen in, but some of the fun is being there while it is live.