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MASSIVE HEAVEN soundset for Massive and Kore 2 by Hollo

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  • MASSIVE HEAVEN soundset for Massive and Kore 2 by Hollo

    Massive Heaven by Joseph Hollo

    By the nature of these sounds it could be interesting by ambient music makers

    Video Demo

    Last year i set a big challenge to myself: if i can make any nice Padsheaven kind of smoothness, warmness out of Massive.
    Massive is famous about the cold digital harsness so it is used mostly for agressive leads and basses.

    It was starting out hard for me, but i didn't give it up and suddenly the beast become more handy and kind to me.
    Now i can proudly report to you: i did tame the beast :!:

    101 new sounds for NI Massive

    Massive Heaven is a collection of
    68 expressive, evolving, warm, soft, light, dramatic, emotional synth pads.
    33 carefully selected Keys, Leads, Plucked instruments, Sequences, Basses.
    For full list of presets please check out "Product Details on the website below.

    Most of them are highly transformable by the wonderfully useful Makros.
    I like to think of my presets as a new, versatile, expressive, standalone instruments.

    Thanks for the Massive GUI, the names of the Makros will tell a lot about how to use. I also use to drop some notes where needed.

    Cubase cpr and Midi files of the demos helping to understand some
    suggested use of the controllers.

    Native Instrument Massive 1.3 or higher
    Now available in Both NMSV and KSD format!

    The price is set as an intro sale until 5. March.
    As usual a free preview bank is available:
    Massive Heaven - sound bank for Native Instruments Massive

    Your comment are always welcome, really curious what you think
    about these sounds, coming out from Massive!

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    Soundsets for Zebra, Spire, Serum & Massive

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    Pretty fantastic, I say.


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      Thank you Jim

      Just qurious: anyone on this forum still using Massive sometimes? I would guess Omnisphere or Zebra used most...
      Soundsets for Zebra, Spire, Serum & Massive


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        Yes I use massive amongst other things. I don't currently have either omnisphere or zebra.
        Will check out your sounds for sure...
        Visit me at: