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NEW RELEASE: Classic Psychadelic Looping Minimalism

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  • NEW RELEASE: Classic Psychadelic Looping Minimalism

    In 2009, Matt Starling founded the Salt Lake Electric Ensemble, an electronic music performing group with acoustic touches. The group of 8 artists initially came together to perform American composer Terry Riley's classic 1964 minimalist composition In C, marking the first time the score had been approached primarily with electronic instruments. Under Starling's direction, the ensemble went on to turn heads in the contemporary art music community with the 2010 release of their recording of the piece, which earned critical praise throughout North America and Europe: "[The Salt Lake Electric Ensemble's recording of In C] is nothing short of a revelation. . . . [It's] already the most important addition to the discography since the premiere recording, and will likewise be recognized as part of a performance tradition that is a vital and remarkably apt expression of the present cultural moment." -Dr. Rob Haskins, Writing for American Record Guide, Associate Professor of Music, University of New Hampshire Now, On the 50th anniversary of the composition of Riley's hugely important but under-appreciated score "Dorian Reeds," Starling has released his recording of Riley's work for solo instrumentalist, microphone, two tape recorders, and playback. The piece has only been recorded with soprano saxophone performers up until this point. Starling, a brass instrumentalist since childhood, has now recorded the score using a flugelhorn. Its warm, captivating tone and its depth of sound when layered according to the instructions in the score has yielded a recording of the piece unlike any other. While this particular piece had previously been approached mainly through live performance, Starling chose to produce the music over the course of several months in the recording studio. This allowed him to leverage several powerful music technologies including high resolution digital audio (24 Bits/96 KHZ), sophisticated computer audio editing, digital signal processing, and precision mixing tools. The result is pure hypnotic minimalism, with a pulsating and constantly evolving texture.