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Logic Pro X and MainStage Updated With Alchemy Integration From Recent Acquisition

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  • Logic Pro X and MainStage Updated With Alchemy Integration From Recent Acquisition

    Early this year, Apple acquired popular music plug-in and effect maker Camel Audio, largely known for its Alchemy software, which bundled a range of...

    What's New
    - Introducing Alchemy - the ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer

    - Next generation synthesizer plug-in with multiple sound generators including; additive, spectral, formant, granular, sampler, and virtual analog
    - Over 3,000 presets for all types of electronic music including electronic dance, hip hop, rock, and sound for picture
    - Integrated keyword preset browser for finding the right sounds quickly
    - Performance controls like the Transform Pad make it easy to explore and reshape sounds
    - Combine up to four synth modules to create complex multi-layered sounds
    - Virtual analog oscillators produce authentic recreations of iconic synth sounds
    - Wide selection of modeled analog and special effect filters for producing sounds with vintage character and tonal complexity
    - Create animated, dynamic instruments using over 100 modulation sources that include flexible LFOs, AHDSR and MSEG envelopes, and step sequencers
    - Manipulate and combine samples in new ways using a collection of morphing and resynthesis tools
    - Import EXS24 instruments or create your own using a robust set of sampler features
    - Apply independent arpeggiators to each of the 4 sound sources to transform simple chords into elaborate performances
    - Integrated effects rack with reverb, modulation, delay, compression, and a range of distortion effects

    - New tabbed Transform Pad and X/Y Pad Smart Controls for Alchemy instruments
    - Share directly to Apple Music Connect
    - Adds support for Force Touch trackpad
    -Create custom track icons with your own image files
    - 1,000 new Apple Loops from a variety of popular instruments and genres including EDM, Hip Hop, Indie, Disco, Funk, and Blues
    - Expanded MIDI clock options improve sync compatibility with external MIDI devices
    - Multiple additional enhancement and stability improvements
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    There's a riot going on at KVR right now... :rotf:

    In all seriousness, I am A.) not an owner of Logic or MainStage and B.) curious about how this all really came about. We'll probably never know the whole story...of what really happened to Camel Audio behind closed doors.

    Either way Alchemy is there, in whatever form Apple has bended it and shaped it to fit their product. One can only dream about how it would have been marketed or presented otherwise...and I do feel bad for those with a PC only who won't be able to use it.

    Silver lining: I read the old libraries work so those who have hundred$ invested already will be happy they "backed up their stuff" when Camel pulled the plug.
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      I bought LogicX and Mainstage3 in the past though I'm not using them now. I'm downloading Mainstage in order to try out Alchemy 2. If you are on Mac it may well be worth paying the $30 (depending on your region) to get it.

      EDIT. Yep Mainstage 3 is a good way to get access to Alchemy 2 for cheap if you have a Mac. Only issue seems to be it won't install the extra libraries on an external drive. :thumbsdown:with so many Apple computers with SSDs - they haven't thought that through.
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