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Massergy - Premiere on SomaFM Friday at 5 pm pacific

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  • Massergy - Premiere on SomaFM Friday at 5 pm pacific

    somafm rm massergy 9 17 2015.jpg

    Join us tomorrow for the premiere of the new album by @massergy - A Novel Sense of Calm on SomaFM Drone Zone!

    There will be a live chat during the premiere with Massergy there to answer questions. It's always a great time! Details for the chat will be on the label website:

    You can listen to the album today if you'd like!


    Massergy's new ambient album is a tribute to the passing of his younger brother. He recorded this album:

    • entirely outdoors in a nature preserve
    • at night with just a headlamp
    • no sequencing, no software, no post-effects
    • the only in-studio changes were volume levels

    This is passion. This is dedication. In the outdoors, Massergy can reach that 'zone' musicians strive for. This album was recorded year round - he mentioned he was bundled up like a mountain climber in the winter and barely dressed during the summer months.

    Ignoring "how" it was recorded... the album itself is beautiful and to my ears... stunning. Massergy is new to Relaxed Machinery and I'm so happy we brought him on board!
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    5pm Pacific Time is midnight here in the UK. I know that's not necessarily late, but it is for me cos I'm an early riser, so I'm usually tucked up in bed for ten.

    A great album though... It's on my iPod :listening:
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      Probably gonna miss the Soma premier...bummer :(

      But, the album is great. You hit a home run Eric!! High on my repeat listening list
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        Really great album. Truly brings a novel sense of calm. Very well crafted.