On tonight's program, I will be featuring Oxide 1 by Another Neglected Hobby, an album in which Mark Cotton describes the following.
"This recording is based on recorded sounds of metal squeaks, squeals and groans, manipulated and filtered to create the finished work you find here."

In addition to that, I'll be playing half of the tracks from the One Sample Dare #32 challenge in which a good portion of the sample is a very squeaky door so it seemed like the appropriate way to combine both features into one show. I will be featuring the other half of one sample dare challenge 32 and Oxide 2 by Another Neglected Hobby the first Friday in October.

Finally, I will be playing a couple of ambient impulses as well.

Please tune into htt://stillstream.fm/ at 9 PM central time for 1 three hour sonic journey from your mind, to the outer edges of the galaxy.

Thank you for listening.