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Rasp Radio Show - Ambient Online Volume 5 Specials

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  • Rasp Radio Show - Ambient Online Volume 5 Specials

    Hi everyone!

    For anyone who doesn't know, and thats possibly everyone, I host an ambient / downtempo / electronic radio show on Mixlr on a Saturday night. The RASP Radio Show basically features music that I find around the internet, via Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook or submissions direct from artists. Last year I did a special on the fourth AO comilation, and this year we are going one better and dedicating two extended shows to the new compilation. These shows will be mixed with no breaks for talking or adverts, it is purely about the music and trying to get as many of you into the shows as I can. There will also be no tracklists, as I want to steer as many people towards the compilation as possible.
    "But where can we listen to this" I hear you say, well prepare for some links!

    Rasp Radio Show No.55 Ambient Online Special Part One will be live on on 31st October 2015 at 8pm-11pm Uk time.
    There is a Facebook event for the show here...
    Rasp Radio Show No.55 Ambient Online Special Part Two will be live on on 7th November 2015 at 8pm-11pm Uk time.
    There is also a Facebook event for this show here...

    Both of these live shows will also be uploaded to mixcloud as podcasts. You will be able to listen to these podcasts a couple of days after the broadcast from here...

    If you would like to know more then please do not hesitate to contact me here or via FB at
    Thanks for reading, and hope you like my mixes of the compilation

    Jeff Appleton

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    Can't wait Jeff! Thank you for this. :D

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      Awesome, Jeff!
      Gee, maybe I should get FaceBook? But we do have Soundcloud.
      Would love to participate.
      We're working on a new CD hopefully releasing later this year that might be interesting to listeners.
      We will try and contact you.

      The Vol 5 collection is amazing. :D



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        Thanks J&J!
        To be honest Facebook is not the big massive thing its dreamt up to be but its a useful tool for things like this.
        I'm also on Soundcloud so I'll look you up, and you can always message me here or via email at [email protected].
        Really looking forward to a cd, as I've loved the tracks you've had on the AO compilations


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          The first show is as hour in, and still two more hours of your excellent tracks from the new AO5 compilation to go!
          Find the live show at


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            I managed to tune in for the last 70 minutes. It was a busy day today, and I didn't remember until quite late. I was listening to this whilst writing some tech. documentation. It was nice to be able to relax with this excellent music.

            Thanks very much :thumbsup:
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