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Luftrum's Call to Arms: Charity Auction

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  • Luftrum's Call to Arms: Charity Auction

    Sound designer and philanthropist Luftrum is running the 2015 Call to Arms: Charity auction for Save the Children.

    It is a rare chance to help a wonderful charity and not only walking away with the satisfaction of helping out fellow humans, but some great gear as well.

    A large number of the world's top developers, sound designers, and even hardware manufacturers (Dave Smith, Moog) have contributed licences and actual synths to the auction this year.

    While the 2015 auction has exceeded the amount Luftrum raised last year, there are TONS of things with really low bids even just 5 days from the finish of the auction (11:59:59 Oct 31, 2015 Central European Time).

    Get over there and help a great charity and perhaps even score some top-shelf recording tools.

    In Luftrum's words:

    No one can save all, but all can save someone.

    I started the annual fundraising in the audio industry for Save the Children. Since 2011, companies like Moog, Steinberg, Native Instruments, Dave Smith, Spectrasonics and over hundred other big brands and indie-dev’s have donated software and hardware which is then set on auction in a forum thread on KVR Audio. It’s an effective way of raising money for a good cause and that way we have raised over $64.000 in total for the children.

    Here’s a diploma collage for the past four years: Charity Diploma’s 2011-2014.

    This year, once again, the funds we raise will be earmarked for children fleeing the Syrian war, living in refugee camps in nearby countries such as Jordan and Lebanon.
    They desperately need help, warm clothes and blankets and winter is close.

    My own contribution is $1200 and 5 x Luftrum All Bundles to bid on. You can bid on your favorite products in the charity thread here:
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    Just over 24 hours left.
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      This just finished. Luftrum has raised almost $33,000 this year, and I suspect that there will be more money paid later. This is a new record. Thanks to everybody who participated. There was some frenetic bidding taking place in the final minutes.
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