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Luftrum Ambient ReFills - 50% Discount!

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  • Luftrum Ambient ReFills - 50% Discount!

    I have added a discount to the early Luftrum repertoire: The old classic ambient ReFills for Reason. You can now order a Luftrum Reason Bundle consisting of all four ambient ReFills with a 50% discount - that's $49 in total for the Luftrum Reason Bundle (retail $96).

    These are essential for ambient producers who work within Reason or to those who do not own Reason but need new royalty free sample material to feed their DAW. All samples contained within the ReFills are included as optional downloads in both Wav and Rx2, over 1.2GB samples in total.

    In total, the four ambient ReFills contain:

    200+ Ambient Patches for Thor (Pads, Soundscapes, Drones, Textures etc.)
    95 Dr.Rex loops (Old Movie Conversation, Soundscapes & Drones etc.)
    40 Royalty Free Ambient Samples by ISHQ.
    32 Combinator Ambient Pads.

    To apply the 50% discount, add all ReFills on the same shopping cart at checkout. Enjoy!

    A few YouTube audio teasers:

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