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    Here comes a first demo for the Falcon patch Mallet Hang RR6 5Vel 9Pitches from Falcon Singles - HANG.

    Multi-sampled Hang played with a hard felt mallet, all 9 pitches were sampled at 5 velocity layers / 6x round robin (270 samples are used in this patch - wav 48Khz/24 Bit/stereo - recorded in L-C-R with 3 Neumann microphones, all signals are phase-aligned). As the original tuning of the Hang deviates somewhat from the normal tempered tuning (between 17 and 42 cents above tempered tuning -> 440Hz) you can dial in tempered tuning with a Macro, dialed hard right all pitches are 100% tempered. Only the 9 original pitches are mapped in this patch.

    Two key-switches let you select the round robin mode, KS1 located at C0 selects cycle round robin (all 6 samples in a chain are played consecutively), KS2 at D0 selects random cycle round robin (Each oscillator will always be triggered once per cycle. Additionally, the first note of a cycle will never be the same as the last note of the previous cycle, so there won’t be any direct repeats).
    20+ Macros are available for full ADSR control, panning randomization per note, EQ with 3 bands, Thorus/delay/convolution/algorithmic reverb/compressor/maximizer. MW adds pitch randomization per note.

    I'll make a chromatic patch next, also adding round robin bass/sub samples from the backside of the instrument. Then there is the finger articulation to cut and edit (also 270 samples).

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      So here comes a demo with a chromatic version of the multi-sampled mallet Hang:

      Two patches from Falcon Singles - HANG, one a multi-sampled Hang with a Hang bass in the lower half of the keyboard (Hang sample exciting the pluck oscillator in Falcon), the other a wavetable pad with the wavetable extracted form a Hang tremolo.


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        Soundscape demo featuring a granular patch from Falcon Singles - HANG, some Macro automation, 100% Falcon.


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          Jamming with the patch Sub Hits RR9 from Falcon Singles - HANG, some modwheel/pitchbend action and Macro automation.

          Patch description:

          Hitting the backside of the Hang with the flat hand, sampled with 9x round robin. Tuning is set to quarter tones (key follow -> 50%) so two octaves on the keyboard equal one octave in actual pitch change.
          Randomize pitch, engage a velocity sensitive LP filter, add distortion (Diode Clipper) with the assigned Macros. More controls for attack/release/EQ/delay/convolution reverb/Maximizer FX are available.
          MW decreases sustain level, so velocity sensitive decay becomes active. PB is set to -/+ 2 octaves.
          13 Macros and 2 switches are installed.


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            Demo for a single patch from Falcon Singles - HANG -> Hang FM

            The lower three velocity layers from the mallet Hang, sampled at 6x round robin, layered with an FM synth in L2, running in unison mode (2 voices) with unison stereo spread and a bit of randomized unison detune. The FM synth has a dedicated volume control.
            A velocity sensitive waveshaper can be dialed in in the Hang layer, sustain/release for the Hang sound can be controlled with 2 Macros, more Macros are available for compressor/Thorus/delay/reverb/Maximizer FX.
            11 Macros and 2 switches are installed.


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              Ambient ballad (what's that?) featuring two patches from Falcon Singles - HANG, some Macro/modwheel automation. The main patch already has a description:

              Cave Hang
              Multi-sampled, spectrally re-synthesized and stretched mallet Hang accents sampled at 8 pitches between G1 – F#5, the tails are looped, the sample zones are crossfading, a velocity sensitive LP filter in L1 can be dialed in with a Macro. In L2 there is a stereo noise oscillator processed by a tuned bandpass filter, wave-shaper distortion can be dialed in, the noise synth has a dedicated volume control. MW adds tempo-synced, square-shaped pitch/filter/pan modulation in both layers, +1 octave with the wheel fully engaged. Full ADSR controls and a Macros for velocity sensitivity and sample start control via VEL are available, Thorus FX can be added to the Hang layer, there are more controls for Phasor/delay/reverb/limiter FX.

              The other sounds in the background come from a split patch with two processed Hang scapes, one of them running in granular mode.


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                Video -> explaining some of the Hang instruments from Falcon Singles - HANG, jamming things on the fly, describing the functions of the interface and the assigned Macro controls.


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                  Five instances of Falcon using 5 patches from Falcon Singles - HANG, some Macro/modwheel/volume automation. All sounds you hear are either multi-sampled Hang (the mallet version) or derivatives of Hang sounds (wave-tabled, granulated).

                  Another 90 samples from the hand articulation to polish, I can see the finishing line, all fence-sitters should make up their mind soon and pre-order if they want to save some cash.


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                    Demos (audio+video) for the Falcon patch "Hang Chromatic Articulation Split" from Falcon Singles - HANG, this patch combines two multi-sampled articulations (mallets/hand - 6x round robin, 5 velocity layers) split across the keyboard, 540 samples are mapped.




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                      Two patches from the Texture-folder in Falcon Singles - HANG in ambient action some Macro/modwheel and volume automation. I'm aiming for Monday to release this, maybe earlier.


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                        So here comes the HANG:

                        Falcon Singles - HANG

                        Multi-sampled HANG percussion, deeply sampled with plenty of articulations, textures and electronic derivatives. The nine pitches of the Hang were sampled at 5 velocity layers and 6x round robin, two articulations were sampled (mallet/hand), also the backside of the Hang was captured, producing some remarkable sub-bass tones. Dynamic tremolos for each pitch (hand/fingers/mallet) were also recorded, dozens of little rubber balls were inserted into the instrument creating sublime pentatonic textures, wavetables were extracted from Hang samples, textural Hang sounds were re-synthesized and processed with a plethora of sonic tools to compose a unique collection of mellow, beautiful, mysterious, haunting and new-age sounds. The original tuning of the Hang was preserved in many patches, in quite a few presets there is a Macro installed which will tune the samples to the traditional tempered tuning.

                        Up to 25 Macros and switches are assigned in each patch, most presets make use of the modulation wheel, many patches also use aftertouch and modulation via velocity, providing detailed control over volume envelopes, filtering, amplitude- and pitch modulations, dynamics, EQ, stereo animation and more. 
All patches use some sort of background image in the UI, split patches have colored key-zones in the Falcon keyboard for easier navigation.

                        All Hang samples were produced at a resolution of wav 48Khz/24 Bit/stereo - recorded in L-C-R with 3 Neumann microphones, all signals are phase-aligned.

                        You can view/download the PDF for this library with more details, the licence agreement, and the patchlist including descriptions and playing tips here.

                        As some of these samples are borrowed from my HALion 5 library Aureus Ventus, license holders of AV get a 20% discount on this library, a dedicated paypal button has been installed on the product page.

                        • *1.27 GB of samples (627 wavs/stereo/48 Khz/24 Bit), 7 background images for the UI, 8 single cycle waveforms, 4 wavetables.
                          *41 patches.
                          *Library size in total: 1.29 GB.
                          *Content is not encrypted, samples and wavetables can be used in other samplers and synths.
                          *Delivery: download (compressed RAR-archive)
                          *Requires the full version of Falcon, does not work with the UVI player.
                          *Price: € 46 EUR

                        Patch Categories
                        • * Hang Instruments (15)
                          * Loops (3)
                          * Pads - Drones (7)
                          * Synth - Bass (4)
                          * Textures (12)

                        Product page.

                        The demos were produced using only patches from Falcon Singles - Hang, no post-processing was applied apart from a limiter on the master output.


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                          Improvising with the patch "Gliss Bells" from the upcoming library Falcon Singles - Water Bells, 2x round robin water bells, the glissando in the bell samples is caused by dipping the bell into water after the attack, some occasional water drops, the patch is running in multi-granular mode.


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                            Five instances of UVI Falcon using presets from the upcoming sound library Falcon Singles - Water Bells, some Macro and modulation wheel action, 100% Falcon. Read more about this library here.


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                              Here is another track using two instances of Falcon with two patches from Water Bells, some Macro and modulation wheel action in both instances, 100% Falcon:


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                                Two instances of UVI Falcon using two patches from Water Bells, some Macro and modulation wheel action, 100% Falcon.