On this week's program, I'll be playing tracks by such artists as Stephen Philips , Dave Dorgan, Codehead , Tuonela , MetaDronos , Graham McArthur , Ambire Seiche , pipe wrench , Ahornberg , sevenism and the feature cd of the week is Neuroplasticity by Dronny Darko.
There will also be a special unrelease 91 minute drone excursion presented for the first anywhere. It's my Drone Excursion 093 so it'll be quite a while until it's released but tonight, you'll be able to hear it first, before anyone else on the planet.

Please tune into http://stillstream.fm/ tonight at 1 AM UTC, that's 7 PM Central, 8 PM Eastern and 5 PM Pacific for 5 hours of unique ambient music.

Thank you for listening.