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Limited Edition Drone Sound Work on Kickstarter

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  • Limited Edition Drone Sound Work on Kickstarter

    Dear friends and colleagues. As you may know, i´m not only a passionate field recordist, sometimes i also create things from these field recordings.
    In this particular case, i created a sound piece from bells from the cathedral from ulm. Last year i (field-) recorded the bells inside the bell tower and created a sound piece for a 4 channel sound installation inside the "bell room" of the cathedral.
    For me, this piece is a very emotional work and i brought so much effort into it, that it became something really special to me. Now i want to share this work with you in a very beautiful way.
    I want to press a clear 7" record which comes with 4 18x18 cm prints with photos from the recording spot.
    To get this done and to collect some money for the project, i set up a kickstarter campaign in the hope, i will get you connected to the sounds and my small art project. Thanks for you time, Andreas