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ambient online volume 6 on tonight's Blind Flight

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  • ambient online volume 6 on tonight's Blind Flight

    On this week's edition of the program, I'll be playing tracks from the brand new ambient online volume 6 compilation, a collection of 110 tracks at almost 19 hours of music featuring such artists as Massergy, Toaster, Chris Russell, Wings of an Angel, Graham McArthur, Ivan Black, nox intempesta, Metadronos, D.N.P, ambientsketchbook, remst8, synth4ever, SiJ, Makrotulpa, Dave Dorgan and myself as a solo artist and in collaboration with some of the aforementioned artists.
    Please tune into starting at midnight UTC, 5 Pacific, 7 Central and 8 PM Eastern for 5 hours of unique ambient music.

    Thank you for listening.