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    Hey all,

    Things may have seemed a little quiet on the ambientsketchbook front recently (only 2 short EPs and 2 compilation tracks in recent months, you lazy bastard) but I've actually been beavering away behind the scenes. New music will be on the way soon!

    Some of you may have heard my latest side project ATKDRNZ debuting on a split EP with ASb recently. I am currently hard at work on a full release and the Soundcloud profile is now up and running. Expect heavy, cyclical drums, dense drones, buried vocals and layers of intense/beautiful guitar. Listen at the bottom of this post.

    I am also currently sitting on two full albums worth of unreleased ambientsketchbook material, mooted for a potential collaboration with another artist. Whether it comes off or I end up finishing it myself, time will tell.

    Happy listening!

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    Thanks for the heads-up! Will listen to ATKDRNZ. Glad to hear you haven't been slacking off :biggrin: ...what do you mean "lazy"...your productivity is the stuff of legend!