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Titanium - Cinematic Trailer Samples

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  • Titanium - Cinematic Trailer Samples

    Bluezone presents 'Titanium - Cinematic Trailer Samples', a state-of-the-art sound library containing 152 samples ready to be injected in your movie, documentary, Ambient & Experimental music, video game and multimedia projects. This downloadable sample pack provides a wide range of intriguing elements such as captivating ambiences, energetic sequences, electrifying whooshes and transitions, highpowered drones, dynamic impacts, fascinating sound effects and more.

    'Titanium - Cinematic Trailer Samples' has been recorded using various sources and meticulously processed using high-end gear and offer unlimited usability for numerous audio professional needs. Like all Bluezone Corporation products, this sound collection is royalty-free and does not require any additional costs or permissions - it's 100% ready to be used in your commercial productions.

    More information, demo and download: Titanium - Cinematic Trailer Samples