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UVI Falcon Knowledge Base and Forum "Falcontinuum" available now

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  • UVI Falcon Knowledge Base and Forum "Falcontinuum" available now

    (I hope this is the right place to put this, otherwise please feel free to move it to where you think it belongs)


    Some of you might know the very very long single thread on KVR on UVI Falcon (, UVIs very versatile sample-, grain-, stretch-, slice-, physical-, FM- and subtractive synthesis instrument.
    For some reason UVI does not want a forum or community of their own and I always found that sad for an instrument of such complexity.

    At one point I asked on said thread if somebody would be up to create a non-official forum and Simon Stockhausen from offered his server space and expertise and Nik Jewel from his knowledge on the tech side of things. In a poll on KVR, Falcontinuum was selected as the name and over the following weeks we worked on setting things up, with Simon doing most of the Knowledge Base and Nik setting up the Wordpress-based Forum etc. (I created the graphics).

    And while there are still some bugs with all the WP-plugins and their interaction, its up and running and already provides a wealth of knowledge and some first samples and presets from users.
    This is in no way meant to drag anybody away from Ambient Online, but if you should use Falcon and its great granular and other sound engines, it may be a worthwhile place to hang out every now and then if you want to have a focused chat on Falcon or struggle with it's depth.

    Check it out here and feel free to spread the word if you know other Falcon users: Falcontinuum



    (if you should have problems with registering, please contact the admin - there is a slightly overzealous spam-prevention module at work... ;-) ).
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