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Ambient Label Reissues 23 Albums, Starting w/ Seesar’s Lovecraft-Inspired 1st Release

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  • Ambient Label Reissues 23 Albums, Starting w/ Seesar’s Lovecraft-Inspired 1st Release

    The UK dark ambient music label Sombre Soniks, specializing in what they describe as “projects of a ritual and Ethnomusicological nature” has announced their plans to reissue a minimum of twenty-three of their most popular digital-only back catalogue titles as extremely limited edition CDRs. The decision to expand the label from mostly digital releases to this planned, long-running series of special physical releases marks the growth of both the already well-established label and the interest in dark ambient ritual music it supports.

    Priapus23, owner and CEO of Sombre Soniks, started the label in 2011, releasing their first compilation of dark ambient tracks featuring twenty-three artists, specifically to honor the number William S. Burroughs and Robert Anton Wilson deemed the most magical and reflect the ritual nature of the music included on the release. To continue this tradition, Sombre Soniks will be pressing twenty-three copies of the upcoming special physical versions of the selected twenty-three titles, all featuring full color, numbered digipacks.

    The label has yet to announce the entire list of titles they will be reissuing as CDRs, but Grist’s The End of Fear will be second in the collection, launching the series with Seesar’s first solo album Flight of Raphtontis.

    Priapus23 says the decision to begin the series of CDR releases with Seesar’s inaugural work was based on the positive reviews the digital version received, deeming Flight of Raphtontis as being deserving of a physical version. Furthermore, the label considers the Lovecraft-inspired Futurist compositions by Seesar to be representative of the label’s aesthetics, creative direction, and professional quality to expect from all the artists to be featured in the series.

    In addition, Sombre Soniks will enhance the launch of the CDR series by featuring Seesar in their latest edition of their .pdf magazine Thee Seminations, which will include a new full-length interview with the artist, new photographs of Seesar, and an exclusive new track, created specifically for the launch and magazine. Fans who order the CDR will also be given a free copy of this issue of Thee Seminations as a thank you for their support.

    The Flight of Raphtontis CDR was released on the 31st of January, 2017 and orders, including the .pdf magazine, can be made on the Sombre Soniks' bandcamp site here: More information about this unique label and their upcoming releases can be found on the label's official website at
    Seesar / New Leaders of the Eldritch Cult
    Percussionist / Ethnomusicologist
    Download Free Dark Ambient Music at Seesar's New Official Website!