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Classic Electronic Presets for Repro-1

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  • Classic Electronic Presets for Repro-1

    Dark Star for U-he Repro-1

    (Special Intro Discount - Save $7.49 Today with code "star".)

    Repro-1 was designed by U-he as a software emulation of Pro One, a hardware synthesizer from Sequential Circuits.
    Sequential Circuits was one of the great hardware synth companies founded in the early 1970s.
    Some of the great synthesizers they created included the Prophet-5, Pro-One, Prophet 600, Six-trak, as well as the Drumtraks drum machine.
    As an owner and user of many of these original hardware greats, I have been programming them from the very beginning.

    VIDEO (individual presets from Dark Star):

    "Dark Star" incorporates many years of programming experience with Sequential Circuits hardware synthesizers.
    This soundset is designed to bring back some of the classic sounds from the heydays of hardware synthesis.

    AUDIO (single presets):

    Included in "Dark Star" are 112 vintage hardware style presets.

    • Pads
    • Chords
    • Strings
    • Arps
    • Bass
    • Synth
    • Soundtrack
    • Drones
    • Organs
    • Keys
    • Melodic
    • Leads
    • Percussion
    • Percussion loops
    • FX

    (Special Intro Discount - Save $7.49 Today with code "star".)
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    Ambient Pads-Presets-Patches

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    Dark Star Preset Walkthrough for U-he Repro 1 Part 2

    Ambient Pads-Presets-Patches