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Ambient Online Podcast #48 (Featuring: Steve Pacheco)

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  • Ambient Online Podcast #48 (Featuring: Steve Pacheco)

    And.....we're back!

    Regarding future episodes of the'll be able to download and listen to the latest 2 or 3 episodes on Ambient Online Podcast SoundCloud page. Once we run out of space, I will have to delete the oldest episode and upload a new one.

    All broadcasts will be archived on the Ambient Online Podcast bandcamp page. Any other hosting suggestions are always welcome!

    Cheers and enjoy,

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    Nice to hear this again, great show. Never heard any of Steve's music but he sounds like a cool guy.
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      Great podcast! A very informative interview and wonderful music as always. Thanks to both of you guys - and to the artist's who provided music for the podcast
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        great stuff :-)


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          My listening sorted for the day!!


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            Really nice...


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              I managed to put an hour aside to listen to the latest podcast. So glad I did.

              I particularly enjoyed the interview with Steve Pacheco which I though was very insightful.

              Looking forward to the next instalment


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                Thanks for this podcast! I loved the interview with Steve Pacheco. I can't tell you how inspiring it is to hear how he started making music. I feel that I'm beginning in much the same way he did. I don't have much of a formal musical background, I'm brand new to audio production, but I have an overwhelming desire to create music. Steve's interview and advice has given me a little extra motivation to continue pushing forward with my own work.