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Astonishing debut from new ambient artist CASUAL MAN.

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  • Astonishing debut from new ambient artist CASUAL MAN.

    I have listened to ambient music since I was 20 years old after first hearing Eno and The Orb in 1990. Many thousands of hours. As have we all.
    I have had a lot of fun working with a lot of different bands since then but I had never found an ambient artist that I KNEW was good enough to get excited about working with. Until now.

    I am not going to SELL the album . I just hope you all will take a listen and let us know what you think.

    Green Sun really is worth the time and if you do like it please feel free to share the link and follow along. LOTS of re-mixes will be coming out this summer and if you would care to create one please let us know!

    And if anyone can tell me how to b considered for one of those AMAZING compilations you release that would be great too!
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    well done, some lovely work on this :-)


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      Thank you! Please feel free to share it!


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        Very nice! Thoroughly enjoying listening with my morning cuppa

        Regarding the Ambient Online Compilations - you've taken the first step, all AO members can submit their music for the compilations. The submissions period for this year's comp is over but there is next year!!! I expect the submission period will open around the first of the year and close around April, giving everyone plenty of time to ready their submissions.

        Welcome to Ambient Online!


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          Thanks for the info and for the platform to share the music. I really hope more folks check out the music and like what they hear enough to follow along on facebook for updates. There are some pretty exciting developments in the works!