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    Anyone here avid gamers?

    Heres my list of games for each platform

    Angry Birds
    Plants Vs Zombies
    Civilization Revolution
    Sonic CD
    Wolfenstein 3D

    Doom 3
    Bejeweled 3
    Plants Vs Zombies
    Tetris Zone
    Starcraft II
    Zdoom port for Doom 1 w/ Brutal Doom Mod

    Diablo 2 Battlechest
    Warcraft 3 Battlechest
    Starcraft Battlechest
    Warcraft Orcs Vs Humans *DOS*
    Counterstrike Source

    Nintendo Wii
    Starwars The Force Unleashed 1 & 2
    Call of Duty 3
    Need for speed Carbon
    Donkey Kong Country Returns
    The legend of Zelda Skyward Sword
    Super Mario Galaxy
    The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
    Starwars Lego
    New Super mario brothers Wii
    Zelda *NES*
    Super Mario Bros 3 *NES*
    Metal Slug *Neo-Geo*
    Mario Kart 64 *N64*
    Super Mario 64 *N64*
    Super Mario RPG *SNES*
    Sonic The Hedgehog2 *Genesis*
    Sonic The Hedgehog3 *Genesis*
    Legend of the mystical Ninja *SNES*
    Tetris Party
    Bejeweled 2
    Bomberman Blast
    Goldeneye 007

    Thats quite a few so far! I used to own way way more than this but I have sold quite a few over the years.
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    Ah, I should have made my other post from future projects here.

    I am beginning to feel the effects of age on my gaming. I can't press buttons fast enough to be competitive as I was years ago, so I have settled into Simulations mostly.

    Started out with a no-name console from S. Korea my uncle brought me in the mid 70's. 4 versions of Pong (squash, hockey, etc) and a setting you could draw on the TV. Then on to the C64 games off of cassette drive. 11 minutes to load Blue Max.

    My first purchase on a credit card was the original NES and Legend of Zelda. Goonies, Bases Loaded, Excite Bike, Ring King...Super Nintendo gave me Gaia, more Zelda, the desert storm tank game...,Top Gear

    I then hopped over to Playstation & PS2. Favs from that era include Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, Virtual Fighter, Ace Combat, Final Fantasy.

    My son then bought an Xbox. Spiderman, Halo, Grand Theft Auto...Finally the red ring ended that.

    As I already said in another thread, he and I played WoW for 7 years, and helped build an all-tauren guild called Thunderhoof Clan. He was a virtually unkillable druid, and I played a shaman. I was average at PVP, so mostly focused on the community and playing my role as one of the leaders of the tauren tribes. We had a confederation of Horde-side RP/PVP guilds which was quite powerful for a few years, throwing huge server-wide battles. The 'Hooves still run strong as ever today. Nothing looks as cool as 30+ tauren lined up and ready for battle.

    Other great PC titles we played: Rollercoaster Tycoon, Command & Conquer series, Jane's WWII, Flight Sim, IL2, Sims, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo. He is now into League of Legends, and I occasionally still take out an airplane. We both played Diablo 3, and it was ok.

    I am trying to focus on recording now, so stop talking about games! :nervous:


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      Originally posted by ontol View Post
      I am trying to focus on recording now, so stop talking about games! :nervous:
      Seriously right?! Hahaha! I was waiting for a gaming thread to pop up sooner or later...I was actually going to start one myself. V0RT3X beat me to it.

      I love me a good game...but these days I'm so focused on music I only use my game time to decompress...when work tires me out and I'm too tired to be creative...and let's face it, if you're tired scrolling through a bunch of soundscape presets on Alchemy ain't gonna help the situation!!! :zzz:

      Word is "Far Cry 3" came out today and it's badass...I might pick it up. Then again I might not and I'm sure my music (and my fans) will thank me later!!! :angel: :rotf:
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        Just purchased Super Mario world and have it almost beaten within 3 days of purchasing. I remember when this game used to cause me some serious torment.. lol
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          Over the past 48 hours I've become ridiculously distracted by this mobile game called "Pumped BMX." I know right? I actually ride BMX so it's kinda that "daredevil" side of me coming out...I need to put my phone/iPad down every once in awhile just to keep it together!!! HAHAHA! I exaggerate...but it's fun.

          Oh yeah, and rumor has it "Santa" hooked me up with Far Cry 3 after all!!! Nice. :tu: :maniac:
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            Wolfenstein 3D (classic FPS) now playable in your browser for free! Well at least the first three episodes!

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              Download the best classic and new games on Windows, Mac & Linux. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies and 30-day money-back guarantee.

              You can get the classic DOS shooter Tyrian 2000 for free when you sign up to Good old games!

              Tyrian is one of my favourite arcade games! It should have been a true arcade game, however I think it was only released on the computer. This is the full version too you get for free! It is absolutely a blast!

              Has both OSX and windows games! Most are for sale, but some are free ;)
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                Been playing the Brutal Doom mod, which basically enhanced the gameplay of classic doom by like ten! It is incredibly gory.. and while playing it 1440x900 it glitches up my computer like a older computer might.

                I have been playing this while listening to Aubrey Hodges Doom Playstation soundtrack and whoa this is a very creepy experience.

                It is INTENSE.

                Here is a screen shot from one of my sessions.

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                  Who is gonna clean all that up?


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                    Originally posted by ontol View Post
                    Who is gonna clean all that up?
                    I dunno if hell has a clean up crew.. maybe? lol!
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                      As I mentioned earlier, I'm a warcraft geek. I am Minister of an all-tauren guild on an RP/PVP server (role-playing, player vs player), and we love to create a spectacle by all appearing somewhere. Tauren are the largest playable race in the game, and seeing an all-tauren guild is really rare.

                      Here we are marching into our faction's capitol, Orgrimmar during a recent role-playing event.

                      I am just amazed that 30+ people can organize.


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                          Originally posted by V0RT3X View Post
                          Wolfenstein 3D (classic FPS) now playable in your browser for free! Well at least the first three episodes!

                          Great. I played that game whole night when I was young. I was addicted to it.
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                            I play Black Ops II on Xbox 360
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                              Originally posted by Yuroun View Post
                              Great. I played that game whole night when I was young. I was addicted to it.
                              Nice! Yah something is strangely addictive about it.

                              Might be the fact your blowing away Nazis! lol
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