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  • Anyway - back on topic you lot, this is getting too silly... ;-)

    Aside from making music, my main weapon is fear. Fear and surprise. My two main weapons are fear, surprise, and an unerring devotion to the synth.... I'll come back in.

    My main job involves data management for clinical trials - though i am transitioning my career at the moment after I got promoted into a managerial role that I hated. (if you can't manage, manage data - if you can't manage data, manage data managers. I couldn't even manage that... ) My day job is programming edit checks and listings, and I am doing a part time degree in IT and computing, currently learning Java.

    Outside of work and music, I enjoy photography (, writing bad haiku, and drinking gin and coffee (though not necessarily at the same time).


    • Java.....currently looking at problems emanating from the GC. The joy.
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      • Originally posted by ikjoyce View Post
        ... currently learning Java.
        I too have been teaching myself java but for Android specifically ... gratuitous plug alert - check out my first app:

        I also like drinking gin and coffee.
        .oO REALM Oo.


        • I also like drinking gin and coffee, but not at the same time. I like making gin-based cocktails at home, tho I do that a lot less now that I am on a low carb diet. I'm back on the scotch single malts. The wife is more into rum and vodka based cocktails.

          Java really isn't for me. I know a bit of python and the basics of C and C++; just enough to be dangerous as a (now former) Gentoo Linux developer. A couple of years back I switched to Windows to focus on music production, but I'm thinking of doing some Linux again, since I got interested in cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and the like).

          As for my day job (I may have mentioned that on an earlier page in this thread), I have been teaching English in China since 2010. I like it here, except that the winters are dreadfully cold for my aging bones, and the air pollution is still pretty bad. There are cleaner and warmer provinces, but well-paying jobs are scarce there. I'm considering a move to Thailand.
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          • For now I'm working as a brewer, before I was a tarot reader and going into healthcare. I did some internships, but I decided that it wasn't really for me. and before grad school I skipped out and got a certification in brewing science. It was cool at first when there wasn't alot of people doing it. All the brewers were helping each other, we all got along with one another, and where friendly. That changed in just a few years. Now they're all competitive, slandering each other's good names, and playing politics. Brant Bjork said that skateboarding had "gotten as lame as MTV" and if that's the measuring stick then I would have to say they've made it as lame as MTV. I've been making music for a while, but recently began immersing myself in music more because it's an escape from all that, and while I know I'll be able to leave soon, it's not apparent how just yet. I might go back to reading tarot. I don't know.


            • Originally posted by Dagana View Post
              For now I'm working as a brewer.
              Wow, what are the odds of having two pro brewers on an ambient music site...

              (is Jason still around?)

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              • Aside from tranquill sessions before bed tweaking settings in Cubase...

                I'm an architect/ 3d Visualizer (hit me up if you need a house design and/or a nice 3d render)
                I'm living near one of the few good beaches in Holland with my wife
                I'm a surfer/windsurfer,

                other hobbies include making video's
                making trance/progressive music occasionally...
                and playing in a band


                • Originally posted by Aerium View Post
                  I'm an architect/ 3d Visualizer
                  Cool, a real architect! I am a Software Architect, doing enterprise software for a big corp.
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                  • Originally posted by wave_function View Post

                    Cool, a real architect! I am a Software Architect, doing enterprise software for a big corp.
                    I have a lot of respect for you guys...i've tried my hand at Java/python for a year and know some basic HTML5 but the minute the code becomes more then beginner level my head is spinning hehe. Coding Takes very diciplined and trained minds, respect.