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  • More SoundCloud debating

    Apologies if I may have mentioned some of the stuff below before.

    This time, SoundCloud groups.

    Do you submit to the groups? If so, which ones - unmoderated, or moderated? Or both?

    I tried submitting the odd track to a couple of moderated groups and noticed that when I bought up the list for those tracks to submit them to more groups, the button that says "Added" had returned to "Add To Group", which I assumed meant the tracks had been rejected so I just left the moderated groups and decided not to join anymore. Was I wrong? I did not give the tracks much time to "be accepted" given how many tracks must be submitted, so perhaps the button returns to "Add To Group" UNTIL it has been accepted?

    Now, reading up about SoundCloud groups, people suggest ONLY submitting tracks to MODERATED groups, because the quality of standards is higher. So now this has me thinking - is my music just shit? Have I been making shit music and not realising it?

    The other thing that adds to this is, upon reading up other articles about SoundCloud, one of the recommendations for boosting your own plays is to pay attention to other people's music and give WORTHWHILE comments, apparently, according to a lot of articles, this is almost a guaranteed method for getting comments back. Now I do this alot, but I do not do it to get comments back. I just do it because I enjoy it. I really listen to other's music, and give between 2-4 sometimes up to 6 solid, lengthy comments, across the time span of a track, which proves I have actually listened. I love doing it. I find it exciting.

    What do I get back for it? Next to nothing, with very few exceptions. Usually I am lucky if I even get a "thank you" back. And, as we all know, most of the other comments from people consist of "great" "sick" "amazing song".

    What am I missing? Or is my music actually, in fact, crap? I really do wonder sometimes. But then it would be helpful to get constructive feedback. And other times I remind myself that it should not matter, because I enjoy what I do, and that is what matters. But sometimes it would be nice to get more back than just "nice song". Especially since I am doing what all these articles say. Is it just an exciting fairytale, that if you give you will get? Because it seems to work for others.

    Just feel a bit :( about it sometimes. I wish there was a way to NOT see the stats. When I successfully tell myself they don't matter, there they are in front of me bringing me down again lol. What purpose do they really serve anyway other than to boost one's ego?

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    When I lived in The Netherlands, my birthday was a National holiday. Great country.

    I submit tracks to moderated and unmoderated groups. You may have to wait a few days for a track submitted to a moderated group to be processed as the moderator may not be accessing his account on a daily basis.

    A lot of the unmoderated groups contain tracks that do not really suit the theme of the group, so, in that sense, moderated groups are better for being curated.

    I think the chances that you will receive feedback are better if you give feedback to others, but there are no guarantees in this life.
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      @ aoVI

      That was beautiful. Reassuring, affirming and beautiful. Thank you man. I really really appreciate that. All points are valid. Not to mention practical and inspiring. Thank you.

      Oh I just realised you are ontol on SC! Haha! Just commented on a few of yours on SC!

      Also another point on SC. I do not think it is notifying me of ALL the notifications I should be getting - it did not notify me of your comment on Life In Some Other Universe! :/

      @sesimic1 - yes that is what I have now realised, regarding moderated groups! Thanks
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        Originally posted by aoVI
        I don't have any real answers for you, just support.

        Your music is not shit. It is unappreciated. It is one of the millions of wonderful things the rest of the world misses each day. Flowers bloom, clouds get lit up in firey tones at sunset, and birds sing--most often without an audience to appreciate them, and they need no validation.

        But validation is important to us, and when it doesn't come it can make us feel lost, unsure, and unworthy. But you are not your artwork. There are numberless things that make up who you are, making and manipulating sounds is just one way you express yourself. If people cannot connect to your work or understand the language you use to express your ideas/thoughts/emotions, it doesn't mean you suck. You either need to find common ground with those you are trying to reach or decide that the expression alone is worthy of the effort of making your art, regardless of the audience.

        I have been doing this a little longer than you have been alive, and even went and spent a ton of money to attend a recording engineering school some 20 years ago and still haven't made anything that has truly generated any interest.

        I am certain generations from now, my methods and work will be celebrated including a federal holiday on my birthday. ;)

        Best thing I've read on the internet all day. You win!

        That said, Rikkisho...he's right. Keep your head up. More later...

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          Cheers S1gns!

          Guess what. JUST this moment received an email from SoundCloud saying that Life In Some Other Universe has been approved for a moderated group. HAH! I just need to give it time ;)


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            Originally posted by RikkiSho
            Cheers S1gns!

            Guess what. JUST this moment received an email from SoundCloud saying that Life In Some Other Universe has been approved for a moderated group. HAH! I just need to give it time ;)
            Sometimes it took over a week before some of my tracks were aproved in particular groups. So some patience is required
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              I just find it odd how it functions. You click "Add To Group" to add to a moderated group and the buttons turns to "Added". You check back merely moments later and the button is back to "Add To Group". If a track is rejected will you be notified? And if so, how will you remember, so as not to submit it again at a later date?