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  • Fractal Art Resources!

    I am extremely fascinated with fractal art! I think ambient music and fractal music sort of go hand in hand. Anyhow I think this thread will help people who are interested in fractals.

    That video was made using a opensource program on windows called boxplorer and it is all rendered in REALTIME! Incredible!

    This is made using mandlebulb3D which is available for mac!
    Get it here!)/

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    Originally posted by V0RT3X View Post
    I think ambient music and fractal music sort of go hand in hand
    I couldn't agree more: tiny details can become the whole universe and then become just details again.


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      Awesome, Vort3x!!!

      In the past I had played around with Bryce and KPT. With Bryce, flying through textures and inside of volumetric objects, etc. More recently playing around with Ultra Fractal. But I've been kind of focused away from that area recently.

      It really IS incredible to see that being rendered out in real time!!! I remember those overnight... and multi-day renders! That is, if the computer didn't crash in the middle of the render.

      I will have to check out more on the fractal forums, but I love the idea of something rendering in real time and responding to the music, etc.

      And you're right... ambient music and fractal art do definitely go hand in hand. The fractal stuff is fascinating and amazing!
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        Those are great videos, I enjoyed watching them!


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          Hey guys! Yah this stuff is inspiring and also very dreamy too. I would love to figure out how to have a live audio visualizer that uses 3D fractal generation! That would be incredible!
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            I keep meaning to sit down and search for generative software that uses images and fractals to generate music - I know there's a ton of old stuff out there, but was just wondering what there is out there that is still being developed or is actually recent enough for it to get to 64 bit versions.

            Another one of those things I need to just set aside time for and figure it all out.