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I've gone "Pro" at SoundCloud...

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  • I've gone "Pro" at SoundCloud...

    Yeah, I've finally whacked out the £35 to go "Pro" at SoundCloud.

    I wasn't going to bother for quite a while yet... At least not until I needed to delete some stuff to make room for new.

    What finally swung me though, is I had received a couple of messages over the last few weeks from peeps saying how much that liked a particular track... Except, the track they were referring to wasn't one of mine, but a track that I had reposted.

    So, I can now at least at five of my own tracks at the top of my entry page.

    I'll see how it goes, but, I must admit, that I don't mind paying something towards the music hosting service that SoundCloud provides... I was just putting it off for as long as I could
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    for an internet service like soundcloud, youtube or even this forum I see 3 ways to get money, at least to make the service run:
    • add advertisement
    • let the users pay a monthly fee
    • ask for donations

    on sites where selling something is the task like bandcamp or even ebay getting money is much easier ...

    ... by the way, I don't know how does it :dunno:


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      Originally posted by Ahornberg View Post
      ... by the way, I don't know how does it :dunno:
      I know what you mean... Someone has to pay for webspace and what have you... Perhaps if it ever kicks off properly then we may see efforts made to monetise the site.
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        Ello plan on selling 'extras', little features that you may not need (I think one example was managing more than one account, tools to do that would cost you a couple of dollars). They've said they'll never sell data, use ads etc.
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          Nice thing about going Pro is, I can now see which of you MF's are listening to my toons (or not, as the case may be hahaha) :biggrin:
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