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  • DVD Release???

    Hello ambiences,
    For 10 years I have planned a collaboration dvd release. I have bought the discs(DIY) but never got any further than planning.
    Is there any future in doing this kinda release, like a limited edition release with video and sound. Also containing art work from the artists themself.
    The idea is for it to be none profit.
    Please help me out on this:-)
    Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.

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    No inputs at all??
    Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.


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      I have never done a DVD release, although I did do a VHS thing back in the late 80's--one copy.

      It would be a cool project, but as far as predicting a future for releases of this sort--I honestly do not know.

      If there isn't any financial goal in mind then there would be little to no reason not to try and expand your artistic palette.

      What sort of images would you be doing (CGI, etc.)?


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        I don't know what kind of future there might be for it. I have never released or promoted anything though, so my opinion is worth as much nothing :P

        Still, if you have already invested in raw materials, and have a direction and the will to see it through, it's probably worth doing just for itself. Art for art's sake and all.

        Are you seeking collaborators? Or do you already have them lined up for the project whenever it may happen?


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          Thanks for your input much appriciated.
          Way back when I had the initial idea, it was to promote artists from various parts of the world.
          They would have the oppertunity to promote themselfs, make a an introduction vidio and a one or more tracks with their music.
          It was and is still intended to be nonprofit, so that whatever there is left, if any? Will be used to create new releases or donate to this great place, Ambient Online.
          All videos, artwork should be created by the artists themselfs.
          I dont even own a dvd player :-)
          Well Im still not sure about the concept and how to approach it, will have to do some more work.
          Maybe I will create the main DVD menu as a showcase??
          Thanks again.

          Regards, Dan Stanley of imogen projekt.


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            From one Dan to another..if I were you I'd be looking at keeping my overheads as low as possible, for obvious reasons. It's a shame you splashed out on DVDs already, as I'm sure you could have saved yourself some money doing things a little differently.

            Anyway, I'm sending you a PM..chances are you've already read it by now. :biggrin: