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Interesting (ambient related) events in Belgium/Holland/Germany in March?

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  • Interesting (ambient related) events in Belgium/Holland/Germany in March?

    Hi folks

    So, anybody from Belgium / Holland / Germany around here?

    I'll be taking a trip from 6th to 16th of March to visit Belgium, Holland (south), Luxembourg and a little bit of Germany (Stuttgart and Munich). The main musical events I'm about to attend on this trip are (so far) Ludovico Einaudi's concerto at BOZAR in Brussel (March 12th) and SWOD and Roedelius' performances at Framework Festival in Munich (March 15th). My itinerary will be something like Dortmund > Eindhoven > Antwerp > Bruges > Brussel > Luxembourg > Stuttgart > Munich, although it is quite flexible.

    Besides those two events, I'm open to other stuff like festivals, concerts, workshops, live acts, interesting clubs, etc. I'm pretty much into ambient, downtempo, new-jazz, post-rock, classic, electronic, world-music, experimental.

    So, guys, if you have some recommendations for me, please let me know!

    Thank you!

    P.S.: I'm a drummer and an ambient/downtempo producer very interested to play with and meet other musicians. I would happily join a jam-session or a party when I'll be there.

    P.S.2: If you happen to know some places for staying overnight that are cheaper than the hostels listed on the internet, please let me know.

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    I'm afraid Holland hasn't got much of an Ambient scene. I do know that Loscil is playing here on the 31st (I got tickets! :D) but I guess you're already back home by then.
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      Thanks for your reply, Aphelion!
      Yeah, I just got home last night, but fortunately my trip was quite nice, although the weather was shity. I've been to Einaudi's concert in Brussel and SWOD and Roedelius's concert in Munich and they were great. I also managed to get some fine jazz performances in Ghent.