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Apologies on behalf of SoundCloud

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  • Apologies on behalf of SoundCloud

    Hi Peeps,

    I have two SoundCloud accounts. I rarely use the other one and it was mainly used for the odd mixing contest I got involved with. I follow myself across both accounts, and so that is how I know that SoundCloud has been sending emails out to people who follow me telling them to listen to my newly uploaded track.

    I am quite disappointed about this.

    When I went onto my SoundCloud app on my android phone, which I do quite regularly to see what peeps are uploading and listen to stuff I wouldn't normally get the chance to otherwise, a pop-up appeared at the top of the home page asking if I would like to tell my followers about my new track. I was wary about even trying to click the tiny X button in the pop-up so I tried to refresh the home page a few times, but the pop-up wouldn't go away. I suppose I could have powered up my laptop but I had already gone to bed and was too tired to bothered. So I, ever so carefully, clicked the X button to close the pop-up down.

    I hate this sort of thing. I hate bugging peeps to listen to my stuff. I post a link either here or on the Cakewalk forum, and sometime my FB page, and that is it. If peeps want to listen, then can, by clicking on the link.

    SoundCloud sending emails out is, as far as I am concerned, spamming people in my name.

    So, I therefore apologise :o

    kind regards

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